Paper Machine Services offers headbox repairs, parts, maintenance and emergency services worldwide. We source American-made components, custom manufactured by our team of experienced engineers with over 15 years of industry knowledge.


Custom manufacturing is one of our specialities. For over 15 years, we've learned a thing or two about increasing productivity and minimizing downtime. We can make you a slice lip that gives you an edge.                             


Our specialists will perform optical straightening of apron lips to within one-thousandths of an inch. Scientific.


They say a paper crane is only as strong as the fibres within.

Our name means quality and we take pride in our name
Worldwide carriers of the most esteemed recognition, we take the repair to you. Emergency headbox repair services are available.
Move ahead with improvement
Parts and labor don't have to be costly! Get a slice lip replacement, data analysis and an opportunity to revitalise your product.
One day is one day
One-day down and annual outages are a major source of delay. Let us help you ensure your annual outage goes smoothly.     

Here are just a few of our tools

Paper machine experts know: slice lip and apron lip manufacturing is a craft. All of our parts are manufactured in the USA. Standard slice lip models or custom design, straight from our engineers, we deliver on-site and install with only the industries finest specialists. Amateur work just won't cut it...

The headbox nozzle provides a means of delivering the stock to the wire. Precision delivery edges of the apron lip and slice lip are critical in ensuring a defect free sheet.  The slice opening and fan pump speed together determine the amount and velocity of fiber flow through the slice. The slice  has micro and gross adjustment mechanisms to even out the paper weight profile across the machine (CD profile), although a newer method is to inject water into the stock across the headbox slice area, thereby using localized consistency to control CD weight profile.

How many times can we say it? Paper machines need qualified service providers. Paper Machine Services has generations of experts ready with the tools we'll need to help you on your headbox.

Calling us for a repair a job is only the beginning. Let us help you improve your product with a better pulp homogeneity and a slice lip that could put a man on the moon. We have your back with anything a headbox needs; cheeking pieces, rectifier rolls or just polishing. We take this seriously, and we do things right the first time. We're more than happy to make a perfect customization and drive your product quality. Consistent, predictable, professional, results.

Never before have you seen a custom solution quite like our approach. First our engineers do a detailed analysis and input digitally simulated components into a computer simulation, testing your machine quality and exposing issues before they become problems.

Whether it is updated finger clamp fasteners to hold that slice lip a slice body with closer slice adjust centers or a new apron lip we know how to help. Then with dedication of our on-site mechanical team, your project will be designed to your specifications.

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We are known for our custom repairs and improvements going beyond Headbox, slice lip and meticulously machined parts. You should choose Paper Machine Services for your next planned downtime.

  • Emergency repairs and services
  • Headbox optimisation to ensure optimal fibre orientation
  • One day down or annual outage
  • Slice lip replacement
  • Optical straightening to within ten-thousandths of an inch
  • Apron lip delivery edge reconditioning in place
  • Flat polishing
  • Lapping block

Something else? We can probably do it.

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